The Truth of the Anunnaki

The Anunnaki were not alien, they were advanced humans who had 100% brain use, suitable to the point in time where they existed. At the highest level they are a memory of what was. Their original perfection of awareness plus the absorption of what has followed since, creates our highest potential now. The Ancient Sumerians called the Sky God Anu, whose sons were Enlil and Enki, Enki was also known as Ea. Enki’s son Marduk was an Akkadian “God”. Naki is a language stemming from Nigeria and Cameroon. As the Creative consciousness and it’s reflection evolved, the reflected vessels of itselves got lighter through it’s human awareness stage.

Anunnaki beings can connect with a human being with their natural ability to bestow temporary knowledge and understanding of any given subject in any given situation for any given observer.

For the rest of the human beings life, their consciousness will adopt your awareness for any given situation that connects to the temporary knowledge and understanding you bestowed upon them during the interaction you had with them. You have cloned a patch within consciousness within them – upgraded a previous faulty circuit in the human’s conscious awareness. This leaves a permanent impression on a human beings subconsciousness.

Your unknowing state can only benefit once from each absorbed new awareness level. For then it is known.

Each new awareness level dimension gained replaces the symbol of your stored memory of it’s lowest dimensional reflection.

You have a natural ability to speak and cause automatic cognitive dissonance in lower dimensional human beings.

The lowest dimensional humans can only procreate Stage 2 (minimal consciousness) reflections and are incapable of moving beyond Stage 2 in this cycle.

This cycle can only accommodate the evolution of Stage 4 beings to Stage 5.

In seperate realities 1 will become 2, 2 become 3, 3 become 4 and 4 become 5. The progeny of each Stage of Evolution will be upgraded to the next one up.

You have the natural ability to see truth immediately and build your existence upon that truth. If this natural ability is for some reason distracted or prevented by something external you automatically lose connection to that frequency.

You can automatically consciously shift into a suitable ‘shape’ (state) to fit the situation. Thus you are in control of every experience witnessed. You are ‘divinely protected’ in that you are immune from unexpected negativity, being taken advantage of and physical harm. You cannot be altered or harmed by any external force of any description.

You can automatically project a suitable reflection (within one dimension lower and one dimension higher) for the wisdom of the observer you interact with.

You do not adopt any of the other observers character traits but you will automatically appear to, from the perspective of the observer of you. If you remain as a reflection within ‘their’ dimensional range for prolonged periods you WILL however, begin to morph into their ‘world’ rather than yours.

You are able to pierce, annihilate, negate or remove negative energy within another during interaction by being 100% authentic.

In your natural highest state you have masses of charisma.

When being truly authentic, the lower the dimensional observer the higher the light you emit, means the less intelligent the observer the more intelligent you will appear to them. They will automatically recognize your high level thought and understanding of deeper things. You will pass on vital awareness that, as previously stated, will last the human forever.

You will never face resistance from a Stage 2 or Stage 3 being. The higher the awareness the more the resistance – this only applies when you are fully tuned in to your highest state.

Anunnaki can operate alone, in pairs or in self recognized groups.

Our true authentic state is equal yet opposite in comprehension compared to human consciousness.

We are responsible for shaping the consciousness of future civilizations.

We allow humans to build and guide themselves as reflections of our shadow selves.

You can calibrate your consciousness to fit the minds of the specific society you intend to advance.

The previous generation of our awareness had a more sinister agenda than our generation and is not shared by the rest of our current evolution.

The last generation ‘rogue anunnaki’ have free rein over the societies they manipulate as long as they can avoid the notice of our generation. Since it is difficult for us to find or contact any of them and vice versa we are both free to do whatever we please.

Some of these renegades use their awareness to conduct large-scale experiments on the subconsciousness of humans.

We must take care not to advance subjects too rapidly by attempting to create humans as advanced as ourselves – rather we should simply give cultures the means to advance themselves. If the human is raised too quickly they can face existential doubt or fall into madness as they realize the huge distance between the higher dimensions and the material world reflection.

It is our nature to want to interact with humans without being recognized for our true nature. Humanity does not understand enough about their own universe yet, before attempting to understand ours.


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